About us

Our journey towards this adventure.

As early adopters of technology, it was during a networking event in 2023 that we came to understand the traditional business card's limitations in making a memorable impact.

This realization prompted us to innovate a digital business card that was not only sustainable but also user-friendly. Our goal was to design a solution that facilitates more meaningful connections among professionals, enhancing the way they interact and network.

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Our Mission

Why did we start this business?

At FireInMotion, we ignite the future of professional connectivity. Our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals network in the business world by providing innovative NFC-powered business card solutions. We strive to create meaningful and instant connections through our customizable, cutting-edge digital cards.

We are committed to simplifying the exchange of contact information, fostering sustainable practices, and enhancing communication flows. Our environmentally-friendly digital cards are designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency, reflecting our dedication to ecological responsibility and the modern professional's demand for smart technology.

By transforming the traditional business card into a dynamic tool for engagement, FireInMotion empowers professionals to share their story with a simple tap. Our vision is a connected world where networking is effortless, impactful, and a catalyst for growth and opportunity.

In pursuing this mission, we pledge to uphold the values of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. We are FireInMotion — sparking seamless connections across the globe.